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    Buzz 044 – Picasso Buzz

    Posted on: January 24, 2011 5 comments

    This is a digital painting done in Photoshop in the style of Picasso as suggested by reader Amy.

    I used the following painting for reference:

    This Buzz says, “I think I got pink eye”.

    • http://YourURL Amy

      LOL! Love it! Thanks James!

    • http://opawesome.blogspot.com/ Ian

      Love Picaso, good luck with Michelangelo. (That was a joke, Please don’t do a nude buzz sculpture) lol

    • http://YourURL Cucch

      Nice work James. This is my favorite since your awesome playing card Buzz, “Buzz of Planets”.

    • http://www.breakroomstudios.com Chris

      Hmm… a nude buzz sculpture. I say do it!

      • http://opawesome.blogspot.com/ Ian

        Maybe there could be some stardust floating around down there

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